November 1, 2016

Dosposable materials

Based on our twenty years of experience and intensive market research in the field of medical supplies we present you medical supplies program.
Apart from domestic manufacturers with which we achieve successful long-term cooperation we managed to make good cooperation with respected foreign supplier.

The Company “Neomedic” Limited from London, UK is our supplier of medical disposables. All products are registered in Serbia, have the proper documentation and have all the necessary certificates.






The range of  medical supplies products :

  • syringes
  • gloves
  • gauze
  • infusion, transfusion and catheterisation sets
  • plaster, Undercast Padding
  • Roll and Strip Plasters
  • Adult  and baby  diapers
  • Masks and protection materials
  • Adhesive Plasters

Please click here to see the e-brochure of all our products.