November 1, 2016

Medical furniture

Sales of medical furniture is an extremely important segment within our business.
We devote full attention to this segment with a wish to meet the needs of our customers.
Due to a very large range of products we recommend that you personally, by catalogues or over the phone, contact our specialist colleagues from the sales department to get better and more quality respond to your requests.
The main areas of our business:
 – The basic hospital furniture
 – Hospital beds
 – Carts
 – Cabinets
 – Specialized Equipment
 – Other non-medical furniture
By clicking on the links below, you can select our foreign suppliers of medical furniture:
Proma Reha – Program of hospital beds, hospital equipment and accessories other products such as trolleys, bedside cabinets, mattresses, bathroom products, etc..
Dolsan – Program of hospital beds, hospital equipment and accessories.
Lemi – Italian manufacturer of gynecological tables and tables for general medical use.
Klaro – Czech manufacturer, wide range of medical carts
The company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of handling and cleaning equipment. In its extensive product range includes a wide variety of specially designed handling and cleaning carts for hospitals and medical facilities, social care homes and hotels. An essential complement production is textile production, which formed the basis of its own patented cleaning mops.
Tautmann – Turkish reputed manufacturer of multifunctional strechers for patients, examination tables and equipment. The company whose products are many times in recent years won the prestigious international “Red Dot Designer Awards”. Without dispute, the modern designs and patented the cutting-edge manufacturing line create the most valuable products of the sector. For those who want something special for their own institution.
Ultraviol – Polish experienced manufacturer of medical equipment. Specialize in manufacturing of medical equipment such as analog and digital X-ray film viewers, germicidal lamps for air and area disinfection, and lamps for light therapy to treat seasonal affective disorder and winter depression. In our offer dedicated to medical sector we offer a wide range of specialized product lines.
Kompresa-KMN – The leading domestic producer of primary medical furniture such us examination tables, instrument tables, cabinets, infusion stands, carts, chairs,…